Facebook have deleted 37 posts from the FB Purity Fan Page without warning, explanation or acknowledgement!

Facebook have deleted at least 37 posts from the FBP Fan Page, in the last week! If you now try to access those pages, and you will just see the following: Dont trust Facebook with your content, they will delete it at will, with no qualms and no warnings or explanations

Dont trust Facebook with your content, they will delete it at will, with no qualms and no warnings or explanations

Facebook have gone on a rampage and deleted a huge amount of posts and images from this page, again, with no reason or explanation given. I’ve contacted them about this, and they say they have no records in their logs of the posts or images from my page being deleted. The evidence is clear that they have been deleted however, and im dead certain it was Facebook that did it. Google’s web-cache shows the posts and images that have been deleted. After a lot of sleuthing, i came up with the following list of pages that have been deleted, well the ones i managed to track down so far anyway.

—————– Posted Jun 29th 2010

“Script Update: v3.0 – I’ve fixed the script to work with the latest FB code change, plus some other minor changes. If you like the script and would like to make the developer happy, make a donation :) Please also tell all your friends about the script too, and invite them to join this page. You can do that via the “Suggest to friends” link”

80 likes 103 comments ( cached at: 14 Feb 2013 17:12:06 GMT )
cached: Google Cache Link
original: http://www.facebook.com/fluffbustingpurity/posts/134443276583467

—————- Posted Sep 11th 2010

“I’ve updated the script to: v3.4a : Fixes in this version: “Hide get connected box”, fixed freezeup in google chrome when creating a new friends list, fixed bug in custom text filter that would cause the script to stop working completely.”

49 likes ( cached at: 12 Jan 2013 02:39:55 GMT )
cached: Google Cache
original: http://www.facebook.com/fluffbustingpurity/posts/157356930943475

—————- Posted Oct 2nd 2010

“I’ve released a new version of the script ( v3.5 ) The script now automatically hides “started using app/game” messages via “app filter”. The custom text filter now adds the specific text match to hidden posts, so you can tell which text triggered the filter. You can install the fixed version of Fluff Busting Purity (v3.5) here: http://install.fbpurity.com/ “

50 likes ( cached at 27 Jan 2013 17:55:39 GMT )
cached: Google Cache
original: https://www.facebook.com/fluffbustingpurity/posts/158843927478402

Click to see full list of deleted posts (its a long list)

I know for a fact that I didn’t delete those posts, and theres nobody else with access to my account that could have deleted them. So all the evidence points to it being done by someone at Facebook. Ive spent the last 4 or 5 hours, tracking down these 37 posts from, and have worked out the deletions occured within the last week, as the latest timestamp on the google cached pages i checkd was the 14th February 2013.

BTW Since reporting the fact that I traced the evidence of the extent of the page deletions via google cached pages, they seem to have been getting google to delete the cached copies too. So in case you were wondering whats happened to lots of the content from the fbp fan page page, now you know, facebook have deleted it!

I think Facebook Page owners, and Facebook users in general should take note of this and be very wary of trusting Facebook with any of your content. When they have no qualms whatsoever over deleting said content without any kind of explanation or comeback.

I urge you all to add FB Purity on the following other networks, so you can stay up to date with FBP news, as Facebook seem intent on deleting all my content on the FBP Fan Page on Facebook:

FB Purity News on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+FbpurityNews

FB Purity News on Twitter: http://twitter.com/fbpurity

FB Purity News via email: https://news.fbpurity.com

If you would like to support FB Purity please donate, every little helps. You can donate via the FB Purity website, or via the Donate link on the FBP options screen.

BTW make sure you update to the latest version of FB Purity – v8.2.2 as it fixes a serious slowdown bug, that would occur when viewing Timeline pages.

Best Regards,


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4 Responses to Facebook have deleted 37 posts from the FB Purity Fan Page without warning, explanation or acknowledgement!

  1. Unkle Paulee says:

    I know man, i’ve notice that others have had issues w/ posts disappearing. How unprofessional of a multi-billion dollar company to be so petty, like they have some type of global filter code programmed in the network. What a shame..

  2. Scorp1us says:

    This could be just Facebook ineptness. I’d wait a day or two and check again.

    I’d also start screenshot-ing your posts as a proof. It is a simple thing to use webkit to capture a page.

  3. Candi Gomez says:

    My dad’s had problems with his and others politically conservative comments and posts being deleted. The email announcing something posted will be in his [email] inbox, but when he tries to go to FB to look, it’s gone.

    I had a really really nasty thought about that Google cache disappearing situation. Google tends to go for a combination of profit and customer service, neither of which are served by deleting that cache. But.. would Facebook stoop so low as to hack you or Google to get rid of the evidence?

    I think the sad part is it’s hard for me not to believe it of them, even if there’s another perfectly logical and legal explanation I don’t know.

    They’re stupid, too. Screen shots or the like saved to USB plugs or another device, or printed out. Saved to a computer that never sees the net, and all transferring of data is done via memory devices. And so on. There’s half a dozen ways to keep them from destroying the evidence.

  4. caio says:

    Hey, just to point, the “became friends” filter has stopped working. There are “became friends” updates showing in my timeline even though I have them blocked. Thanks for your attention.

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