Facebook Deleted the FB Purity Fan Page Without Fair Warning!

As you are probably aware by now, Facebook deleted my FB Purity Fan Page, which had 5,042 fans, without giving a fair warning.

Heres the timeline of events.

16th March 00:43 GMT

The following warning message popped up on my Facebook homepage:

Despite reading the warning and the page the warning linked to, over and over, I could not see the reason they wanted to delete my page. My page was not “hateful, threatening or obscene”
It did not “attack an individual or group” and was not “setup by an unauthorised individual or group”

I decided not to acknowledge the warning. As i feared if i clicked the button my page would be automatically deleted. Instead I tried contacting Facebook for a clarification of just what their problem was. No such response was forthcoming.

16th March 22:06 GMT

The previous warning was still showing on my screen, as I had still not clicked it and was still hoping i would receive some clarification from Facebook. Just at that moment the warning changed to the following:

Which finally explained what the actual problem was. I was relieved after all the stress and worrying, as at least I could now do something to resolve the problem. I started making changes to the page to sort out the issue. But minutes later the page was gone, just like that. I was furious, that they could do this with no regard to fans or the creator of the page and the time invested in building such a community.

16th March 22:59 GMT

At this point I was wondering, whats coming next, and then I received an email from one of Facebook’s legal team.

The email says I do not have a right to the domain name fbpurity.com as its infringing their trademark. I really cant see much of a case here. Are they also going to sue anyone with a personal domain name whos name happens to have the initials FB? are they going to try and sue the FBI and get them to hand over their domain name? They also threaten that I may be fined up to $100,000 if I dont hand over the domain name. On top of that the email itself is quite confusing as it keeps referring to a domain name that i have no control over or anything whatsoever to do with (facebookplus.org)

They also say I must rename the script, and remove any altered logos and remove any intellectual property belonging to facebook from my site. Well that part is fair enough and I have done just that.

18th March 11:54 GMT

I responded to their email, telling them that I am happy to change the site to remove Facebook branding, and have also requested that they reinstate my Fan Page.

Lets see how they respond.

While i am waiting for them to reply and reinstate my fan page, I’ve created a new one here: http://fans.fbpurity.com

Please join up, and ask all your friends to rejoin too, so we can rebuild the page again.

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