Facebook are now blocking links to fbpurity.com and have also deleted most images from the FBP Fan Page!

Facebook’s latest sabotage attempt against FB Purity is that they are now blocking everybody from posting any links to fbpurity.com claiming that its a spammy or abusive website. When in fact the opposite is true, F.B. Purity actually cleans up the spam on Facebook!

Facebook’s latest sabotage attempt against FB Purity is to without warning or explanation ( as seems to be their sneaky and underhand policy ) deleted most of the images from this FBP fan page, i wonder what they have planned next…

The proof that fbpurity DOT com is a safe site is easy to find, just ask any long term FB Purity user, or if you dont believe them, just look up fbpurity DOT com on any of the following website security / safety sites:


Please help to get fbpurity.com unblocked by writing to facebook, via the following form, to complain about Facebook blocking links to fbpurity.com:




If you like the FB Purity project, appreciate the amount of time and effort i have put into it, and would like to see its development continue, please donate via http://donate.fbpurity.com

Install the latest version of F.B. Purity (v7.0.0)

BTW Go here: For the guide on how to disable / remove / deactivate / turn off and get rid of Facebook Timeline

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