F.B. Purity New Release: v8.5.0 – Fixed for Firefox v22 compatibility – Hide Facebook Events, Pokes, Game Requests etc in right Hand Column

FB Purity the Facebook Filter that lets you Customize Facebook the way you want it

Get FB Purity and clean up the junk and customize Facebook to how you like it.

FB Purity v8.5.0 Release Notes:

Changes in this version:

  • Firefox extension is now compatible with Firefox 22+
  • Updated to work with the *new* newsfeed design. It also works with old design (which most people still have) for backwards compatibility
  • The Hide sponsored box option, now also hides Suggested Pages / Links / Sponsored stories in the newsfeed
  • Added a “Hide links in right hand column” section to options screen, which lets you hide the Game/App requests, Events, Pokes, Friend Requests, Birthdays, Recommended Pages, and Related Groups links that appear in the right hand column
  • Fixed comment button being hidden when attaching an image to a comment (when restore comment button option has been selected)
  • Fixed the “Hide Emoticons” option for new “feelings” functionality
  • Fixed Timeline cover photo issues (Inability to change cover image, Squashed cover image)
  • Fixed timeline shifted to the right anomaly on personal timeline pages
  • Firefox extension is now restartless (Doesnt require restarting the browser after installing)
  • Firefox extension may now be compatible with Seamonkey (though its not officially supported)

FB Purity is the safe and highly rated browser extension that allows you to clean up and Customize your Facebook experience.

The latest and most up to date version of FB Purity will always be available direct from the extensions homepage (fbpurity.com) as it has since 2009, so always check here first. If you have problems with FB Purity, they can usually be solved by just updating to the latest version.

Install / Update to the latest version of F.B Purity (v8.5.0) via: www.fbpurity.com

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