F.B. Purity Update – v8.2.0 has been released – Many new Facebook Newsfeed Filtering options, fixes Safari settings issue + more

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Looks like its business as usual at F.B. Purity, for now, as Facebook are still not responding to my requests for clarification of their statement that I am unauthorized to use Facebook. Thanks for all the support from the loyal FB Purity users, we can still continue the fight for a cleaned up clutter free Facebook interface. Its a never ending battle, but I hope you appreciate the efforts I am making, and will continue to support me though this.

You can help out by spreading the word about F.B. Purity and donations also help out a great deal too.

I’ve been hard at work on a couple of projects recently, one is a secret for now,  it is directly related to FBP, and I hope to announce it real soon, and the other is an update to F.B. Purity: F.B. Purity v8.2.0,  This version has many new newsfeed filtering options. Including “Hide all Photos”, “Hide all Videos”, “Hide Facebook smileys  / emoticons”,

A few of the FBP’s filtering options covered multiple story types (such as liked/tagged in or commented on photo),  this update splits those options into separate filters for more granular control.

Other new options have been added too and in order to accommodate the new filter options i needed to redesign the left column of the options screen. If you prefer the more open look of the previous version, where you didnt have to click the category headings to open the specifc filters, you can open all the categories at once by clicking on the small black triangle right at the top of the newfeed filters column.

Changes Summary for F.B Purity v8.2.0

  • Removed following options “Commented on or liked status” (replaced by likedstatus, commentedstatus ) “Tagged in likes or commented on photo” (replaced by taggedphoto, likedphoto, commentedphoto). “Commented on tagged in or liked album” (merged with corresponding photo options). “Commented or likes link” (replaced by likedlink, commentedlink options).
  • Added new “extra” filtering options, that let  you hide upcoming events, shared events, liked link, commented on link, shared page, hide all photos, tagged in photo, liked photo, commented photo, shared video, liked video, commented on video, youtube / vimeo videos, shared status, liked status, commented on status, hide all videos.
  • Added an option to fix the  left hand column navigation bar of the newsfeed in a fixed position, so it stays in place when the newsfeed scrolls down.
  • Added “Recently Released Albums” to the hide “Sponsored Box / Stories” filter
  • Fixed “Facebook Questions” filter
  • Added an option to hide graphical smileys a.k.a emoticons. This option either replaces the emoticon with the text equivalent, or in the case of icons sent from the messenger app, an asterisk, as theres no equivalent text code provided for those.
  • Added “Create a group”, “create a page”, and “find friends” to links you can hide in the left column.
  • Added the “Recent Articles About” and “Most Shared on” story types to the “Trending Articles” filter
  • Added “Play with friends” to the “Applications / Games” story filter
  • Fixed the anomalous “Drag image into box” appearing on top of the FBP options screen
  • Fixed FBP saving preferences not working in Safari
  • Fixed “Block app” functionality on Opera
  • Cleaned out lots of old code that no longer serves any purpose

You can install the updated version of F.B. Purity v8.2.0 via the F.B. Purity website: http://www.fbpurity.com

If you enjoy using F.B. Purity and would like to support this project, please do share links to the site ( Facebook are blocking direct links to the site, but you can instead share the  link to the FB Purity fan page instead https://facebook.com/fluffbustingpurity )

Also if you are able, donations are highly appreciated to allow me to continue my work on this: http://donate.fbpurity.com . Many thanks to those kind souls who have already donated, from me and on behalf of all the FBP users, you are all stars! :)


Steve (Developer of F.B. Purity)

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3 Responses to F.B. Purity Update – v8.2.0 has been released – Many new Facebook Newsfeed Filtering options, fixes Safari settings issue + more

  1. Scorp1us says:

    Thank you so much Steve!! I think Facebook owes you. If it wasn’t for FBP, I would have given up on FB and found something else.

  2. ed says:

    You’re “unauthorized” to use facebook? When did that happen?

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