F.B. Purity v33.9.8 fixes the hide Facebook Sponsored Posts functionality!


F.B. Purity the dream solution for hundreds of Facebook problems!

F.B. Purity lets you clean up and Customize Facebook. It hides all the Sponsored posts in the Facebook Newsfeed amongst many other useful features

Changes in F.B. Purity v33.9.8

  • Fixed hiding Sponsored Posts

If you are using Chrome or Firefox and have fbp installed already it should update itself to the latest version automatically. If you are using the GM Script version of FBP you can go to the script install page on install.fbpurity.com and click the install script link, then follow the instructions to update the script.

Get FB Purity here: https://fbpurity.com

**UPDATE 28th April 2022** : It seems since this version was released, facebook have changed the sponsored post code once again for some people causing fbp’s hiding functionality to break, don’t worry, I am looking into getting this fixed.

If you have any problems with or questions about FBP, please use the available help resources on this website, including the FBP User Guide, and FBP FAQ page which includes a comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide that you should follow if you have any problems.

If you wish to support FB Purityplease Donate to ensure the continuation of this project. Many heartfelt thanks to those people who have generously donated! :)

Please tell all your friends about F.B. Purity too, as I’m sure they will appreciate it. One way you can help spread the word about FBP, is to go to https://fb.com/fluffbustingpurity and click the “Invite Your Friends To Like this Page” link that appears in the left column, then invite all your friends.


Steve FBP

Facebook driving you crazy? Don’t get mad, Get FB Purity!

FB Purity Overview:

For those who don’t already know, FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated web browser extension for Google ChromeFirefoxEdgeSafari, Opera & Brave. It lets you clean up the junk and customize Facebook the way you want it to be. It has many cool features, such as hiding all the ads, alerting you when friends un-friend you, letting you change the site’s colours, fonts and background image,  it lets you stay on the “Most Recent” feed permanently and lots more. FB Purity has been reviewed and highly recommended in many places including the Washington Post, CNET, PCWorld, MacWorld, GetConnected etc and has over 477,000 users worldwide.

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One Response to F.B. Purity v33.9.8 fixes the hide Facebook Sponsored Posts functionality!

  1. Janet Duncan says:

    I love FBP long time user and bragger to anyone who will listen. I just need a second to whine. I am 72 and have used FB for a long time but only a month or two without FBP. I hate ads and am a freak about clearing data, cookies, opting out, writing to direct marketing, always set only functional cookies…every setting I could on FB is set to not use or sell data no third party data no targeted ads, spent hours turning off each and every company with my data, and each and every ‘interest’. My profile has very little and a fake birth month and day but real year but set to “Me Only” for access. Suddenly I got ‘Sponsored’ ads and when I checked why the ad I saw it was age targeted! Tried to delete my birth year but it would not allow so I changed it to current year. Then FB popped up and said my account was locked since I was too young to have a FB account! If I protest I have to upload photo id!!!! which they will keep for a year or more… ARGGHH EVIL

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