2 Responses to F.B. Purity v25.0.0 fixes hiding Sponsored Posts in the Newsfeed!

  1. admin says:

    It seems like a few people either still havent been switched to seeing the new Facebook ad code, or they are on an alternative facebook ad code rollout to everyone else and v25 is not hiding the sponsored posts for them. If this affects you and the previous version v24 was hiding the sponsored posts for you, and you wish to revert to using that version, I have made the previous version available for download as a Greasemonkey script. To use it, you first need to install a Greasemonkey compatible extension, such as Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey or ViolentMonkey. Once you have that installed, copy and paste the following URL into your browsers address bar


    After pressing enter, you should then be prompted to install the script. Make sure you disable your current version of FBP if you are currently using the extension version of fbp otherwise you will get an error saying you are running 2 versions of FBP at the same time.

  2. T. Eli says:

    Well dang, I never knew there was a comment section here. I clicked ctrl F and typed comment and saw the small print for comment that was linked. Then I thought to click the title of the release note instead of just reading it. Can’t believe I never thought to try that before.

    With that said, I now see the comment above for those still seeing sponsored posts. I have only seen one thus far, which is much better than it was before. No need for me to revert to older code being most are cut out and it’s good to know that this isn’t something gone unnoticed.

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