10 Responses to F.B. Purity v15.1.0 fixes hiding Facebook’s suggested/sponsored posts (ads) & also fixes the newsfeed filtering options

  1. Jak says:

    I use F.B. Purity v15.1.0 for some time and its a wonderfull extension, the problem is that i still see ads and suggested pages even with the sponsored boxes/stories turned on and auto tag suggestion turned on.
    Do i need to turn on more options?

    • admin says:

      have you tried setting the language in facebook’s settings to English? many of fbp’s settings work best whent the language is set to english. also are you sure you have 15.1.0 installed? you might want to re-install it, as i have updated some code to fix some minor issues.

    • No Name says:

      try looking at about:addons to see if current version is enabled, and not some legacy that is still lurking around from times firefox was making some crappy moves to destabilise plugins few months ago

    • Cordelia says:

      I was still getting sponsored stories after upgrading to 15.1.0 today. I went into settings and unchecked sponsored stories, saved, then went back in and checked to turn off sponsored stories. They’re gone now.

      Basically, turn it off then turn it back on again. ;)

    • admin says:

      please read the latest post at http://news.fbpurity.com for the latest working method for blocking facebook’s ads

  2. Bug says:

    15.1.0 worked for a while, but it appears that Facebook has pushed out another update, as I’m now seeing Suggested posts, Liked pages by friends, etc. I’m using the Greasemonkey version of FB Purity on Firefox, Facebook is set to English, and I uninstalled and reinstalled the Greasemonkey script, cleared Firefox’s cache, restarted Firefox, and reloaded the page.

  3. Keith says:

    After installing the FBP extension in Firefox there is no FBP link to click on to adjust the settings.

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