F.B. Purity Update v7.9.7 – Fixes Block Application function, Fixed Instagram App filtering + more

FB (Fluff Busting) Purity

Ive released F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity Update v7.9.7 that fixes some bugs and adds a couple of new features.

Summary of Changes in this Release:

  • Fixed “BA” (Block Application) function also fixed app blocking for “frictionless sharing” apps such as netflix
  • Fixed application filter (for certain cases such as Instagram stories)
  • Fixed the Fan Page filter, so it doesnt filter out fan page stories on “Page Feed” or “Interest Lists” as if the user clicks on those feeds, they most likely want to see the fan page updates.
  • Fixed emoticons when font size is altered (previously you would get both the icon and the text smiley if you changed the font size)
  • Fixed bug with birthday comment flyout box (got rid of weird blue box inside text input box)
  • Updated the “Hide sponsored” option to include “page posted an offer” type stories
  • Added FBP Info bar and feed filtering to “game feed” and “page feed”
  • Added a more prominent “Block App” button to Appcenter app pages
  • Changed the default “restore comment buton” option setting to “off” for new users
  • Updated the “welcome new user” page to include info about FBP interest list and page notifications.

Install F.B. Purity v7.9.7

If you appreciate all the work I do, developing, maintaining and supporting this project, please Donate to show your appreciation, Please also tell all your friends about FB Purity, too.

BTW Facebook is updating its site ever more regularly, which means FB Purity will need to be updated more often to keep it up to date and fix any issues that Facebook throw up. Its important that you stay up to date with FB Purity developments, so I recommend you subscribe to the “FB Purity Interest List” to make sure you get all the News updates from the FBP fan page in your newsfeed. You can also now subscribe to notifications from the page, when updates are available. To do this, go to the FB Purity Fan page, hover over the “Liked” button, and then select “Get Notifications



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6 Responses to F.B. Purity Update v7.9.7 – Fixes Block Application function, Fixed Instagram App filtering + more

  1. David says:

    Hi! Love your add-on, but I noticed just recently that the “Suggestions” and “Recommended Pages” column is back. Can you address this in a fix? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      ive not seen this yet. facebook often test out new code on small sections of their userbase, before rolling it out to everyone. you may be part of such a test, or it may just be a slow rollout. you can be sure i will definitely update fbp when the changes get to me.

  2. Lyla Munro says:

    I have a variation on David’s problem, which is that I’m getting “suggestions based on pages you like”. Not a “feature” I want, even if they were getting it even remotely right, which they’re not.

  3. admin says:

    @Lyla, if you mean the “Suggested Posts” which are basically ads in the newsfeed, make sure you have the latest version of FBP installed, and that the “Hide Sponsored Box” option is ticked on the FBP options screen.

  4. Jervis says:

    When can we get an F.B. Purity for Instagram? Could such a thing even exist considering Instagram’s ‘impurity’?

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