F.B Purity Update v7.5.0 – Adds a single column Timeline layout view option, Fixes BA+WL links, also adds Block Application links to Facebook applications pages + more

Changes in FB Purity v7.5.0

  • Added a Single Column Timeline layout option (You can activate it with the green “TL” button next to the search box or via the FBP options screen)
  • Re-added the ability to filter out “FB Actions/Frictionless sharing apps” (ticking hide “read an article” will now also activate hiding other “frictionless sharing” apps)
  • Fixed news article redirects for Trending Articles stories
  • Fixed the hide trending articles box option
  • Fixed “BA” (Block Application) and “WL” (Whitelist) links on application posts in the newsfeed
  • Added “Block Application” link to the bottom left of all facebook application pages
  • Added “Block Application” button to all facebook application permission request pages
  • Highlights Facebook Applications requests to access your email address in Facebook Applications permissions pages
  • Fixed hidden comment buttons in group welcome box (buttons are blank, but better than nothing)

In other news, Facebook are still blocking links to the fbpurity.com website, and claiming fbpurity.com is a spammy and unsafe website, this claim is ludicrous, and actually libellous!

As most readers will already know, FB Purity is a highly rated and respected, and completely safe facebook antispam and customisation tool.

Claiming that “F.B. Purity” is “unsafe and spammy” is libelous, and should not be allowed. F.B Purity is no such thing, you just need to check out the glowing reviews its received in the press such as in the Washington Post, Lifehacker, CNET, PCWorld, and the over 70,000 happy uers the tool has worldwide.
You can also check out any online antivirus scanner or website reputation checking tool to see that F.B. Purity is compltely safe.

It is actually Facebook that is the spammy and unsafe website, F.B. Purity is a tool that tries and cleans up Facebook’s mess. Yet all they do is try and sabotage F.B. Purity at every turn, by doing things such as disabling the Developer of F.B. Puritys personal facebook account and disabling the F.B. Purity Fan page: http://facebook.com/fluffbustingpurity for long periods of time, without any warning, explanation or apology.

If you would like to join the protest against this unfair treatment, you can contact Facebook via this form, and tell them to stop blocking FBPurity. com

Also spread the word about this injustice to the media outlets and blogs etc

You can Install the updated version of F.B. Purity (v7.5.0)

Donations are important to help support the development work. If you appreciate all the work I do on F.B. Purity and would like to see it continued, please donate via:

Donate to FB Purity

Become a fan of F.B. Purity on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest F.B. Purity news and developments

And in case Facebook try and delete the F.B. Purity fan page (again) you can also keep up to date with F.B Purity news, via
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