F.B Purity Update v7.0.0 – Improved timeline disabling especially in Chrome. Also adds a fix for news article redirection.

Changes in FB Purity v7.0.0

  • Added a Disable Timeline button “TL” at the end of the URL bar for Chrome users, to make it easier for Chrome users to disable/enable Timeline in their browser. The Timeline disabling button for Google Chrome is now built into the extension, so you no longer have to run a bat file to set the User Agent to IE7. The advantage of this new feature is that it only switches the User Agent to IE7 when you are on the Facebook website. For all other websites it will use its normal User Agent, so other sites should work fine when you have got Timeline disabled.
  • Improved the glitch fixing for all browsers when spoofing IE7 in the process of disabling Timeline.
  • Added an option to stop news article links in “read an article” stories from redirecting via Facebook applications. This option is called “Fix news article redirects” and its just above the “Sort Feed: Most Recent” option on the FBP options screen. If FBP cant fix the link, it adds a “google this story” link that lets you look the story up via Google.
  • I’ve also updated some of the “extra” filters so they should work better. Please note that if you have your Facebook interface set to a language other than English, FBP’s built in “extra” filtering functionality will not work, so you will either need to switch your Facebook interface to English, or else, put your own Custom Text phrases that you want to filter out in your own language into FBP’s Custom Text Filter box.

Developing, maintaining and supporting F.B. Purity takes up a lot of my time, If you like the FB Purity project, appreciate the amount of time and effort i have put into it, and would like to see its development continue, please support my work by donating, so I can carry on with it.

You can donate here: Donate to FB Purity

Install the updated version of F.B. Purity (v7.0.0)

BTW Go here: For the guide on how to disable / deactivate / turn off / get rid of / remove Facebook Timeline

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