F.B Purity Update v6.1.1 – Includes lots of bug fixes, and improvements to various filters, to help keep your Facebook Clean

F.B. Purity is a browser extension that cleans up your Facebook homepage, its compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Changes in FB Purity v6.1.1

  • Fixed fan page story filter + logged in user filter
  • Fixed attending and attended event filters
  • Fixed intermittent “FB Glitch” errors on friends list pages
  • Fixed too-wide textareas on options screen (css, whitelist + custom text)
  • Fixed Upload photo button duplication
  • Improved tabbed textareas differentiation (so user can see more easily that they are separate entitiies)
  • Fixed erroneous “friend requested” buttons showing up in ticker bar “became friends” messages
  • Added “shared an event” to “created event” filter
  • Fixed “shared a link” filter to filter out more links

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Install the updated version of F.B. Purity (v6.1.1)

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