F.B Purity Safari extension now available for Safari 5

I’ve created a F.B Purity Safari extension that is compatible with Safari 5, which simplifies the installation process a great deal, as you no longer need to install a Greasemonkey script interpreter. If you have F.B Purity running as a script in Greasekit or NinjaKit and want to try out the new extension, you should first disable or uninstall the FBP script version.

You can install the FB Purity Safari extension (v3.3) here: http://install.fbpurity.com

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2 Responses to F.B Purity Safari extension now available for Safari 5

  1. Elaine Corn says:

    I can’t find the first install of F.B. Purity (Safari). Only what I installed today shows up on my Extension Add-ons. I removed today’s attempt, after sending you $25.

    • admin says:

      you are commenting on a post that is 7 years old, things have changed since that post was made. There is no longer an extension version of FBP for Safari. Instead, you need to install the Tampermonkey extension, then install the GM Script version of FBP. The process is explained on the install page at http://install.fbpurity.com

      Thanks very much for the donation btw! Much Appreciated! :D

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