Calling all Google Chrome Users – Please join the campaign against Google and Facebook!

Calling all Google Chrome users!!! Please support FBP in our fight against Google and Facebook.

Dear google, if you remove F.B. Purity from the Chrome webstore, I will remove Google chrome from my comptuer

Dear google, if you remove F.B. Purity from the Chrome webstore, I will remove Google chrome from my comptuer

Facebook are trying out their usual corporate bullying tactics, and are pressurising Google to remove the F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity browser extension from the Google Chrome webstore.
Facebook (via a company called AppDetex) have submitted a badly worded trademark dispute to Google, claiming the F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity is violating their trademarks, and google have given me just a few days to correct the issues that Facebook have with the extension.
Their complaint is not clear to read, or understand, and is not detailed enough to know exactly what their problems are with it, they are also very unresponsive to any requests for clarification. I have done my best to comply with their demands, and have submitted the changes i have made to them for approval. I am however not holding much hope of them getting back to me, or giving any further clarification, as I have dealt with them in the past, and their modus operandi seems to be ignore all emails and just let the clock run down, and then tell google i didnt comply with their requiests, so google will automatically remove my extension from the web store.
I have implored google to give me more time to sort it out, as last time this happened, they just removed my extension from the webstore, without any way of appealing, or fixing any problems facebook had with the extension.

If google do go ahead and remove my extension from the webstore, I would appreciate it if all Google Chrome users stand with me, and do a mass uninstall of google chrome. I know i certainly will be removing Google Chrome from my computer if they go through with this.

As well as changing browser, even non chrome users can help out with this idea: change your usual search engine from to another like for example, which does not track all your searches like google does. In firefox you can change the default search engine your browser users by copying and pasting the following text into your browser’s Address/URL bar at the top of the screen

then select “duckduckgo” from the dropdown menu options.

In chrome based browsers, you can do it by going to your browsers settings menu, then selecting “Search Engine” then selecting “duckduckgo” from the drop down menu option.

There are many other browser options out there these days, and they dont track everything you all day and night, like Google does, for example Brave, Firefox, and Opera,, and are mostly compatible with Google Chrome, and have the same browser extensions available, and also let you import all your chrome bookmarks and passwords, and other settings, so you wont be starting off from scratch. Its also possible to move your FBP settings from one browser to another, which you can do via the Export Settings, and Import Settings links at the bottom of the FBP options screen.
Browser migration really is straight forwards these days, and takes very little time. You can try a trial run of your new browser before booting chrome off your computer.
There are currently over 204,000 users of the F.B. Purity Chrome extension, imagine if every FBP supporter uninstalled Chrome in favour of an alternative web browser, and switch the search engine you use to another like for example that will really send Google a clear message, that they should not “f” about with us!
If You are with me, please pledge your agreement to boot Google Chrome off your computer if google kick FBP out of the Webstore!
What do you say guys, are you with me?
Steve FBP
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4 Responses to Calling all Google Chrome Users – Please join the campaign against Google and Facebook!

  1. Pete MacDougall says:

    Thank you Steve FBP for all that you do!

    I have given Chrome the boot….long live FBP and D & G

    Rock on man and f*ck the Facebook warlords!

    big love,

    Pete MacDougall
    Edinburgh, Scotland

  2. Andy K says:

    I just installed Fire Fox and dumped everything google, including my g-mail acct! I installed FBP, and he following extensions: DuckDuckGo privacy extension, AdBlock, and Privacy Badger. FB has never been so clean in a LONG time :) Yayy

  3. I use Firefox to access Facebook, and the icon I’ve always clicked to reach my personal FBP page has been missing from my Facebook page for a couple of weeks. So how do I change the list of stuff I don’t want to see?

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