Block political / sports etc posts with FB Purity’s Custom Text Filter word lists

FB Purity the Facebook Filter that lets you Customize Facebook the way you want itDid you know that you can use the safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser extension (compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera) to filter out posts from your newsfeed that contain words or phrases that you dont want to read about?

For example, if you didnt want to read about American politics in your Facebook newsfeed, you could add the following words:

Ron Paul
Republican Party
Democrat Party

To FBP‘s Text Filter box And it will filter out any posts featuring those words.

Another topic / type of post that some people find irritating, are those “copy and pasted” posts, such as “like this if …” “share this if…” etc, to filter out most of those types of posts, try the following wordlist

post this as your status
add this to your status
copy & paste
like if you
‘like’ if
“like” if
like this post
share if you
share & like if you
share and like if you
like & share if you
like and share if you

To see others word lists on specific topics or to share your own topic specific word lists for filtering posts with the Custom Text Filter see the FB Purity Fan Page on Facebook here:

Share your Custom Text Filter word lists with other users

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4 Responses to Block political / sports etc posts with FB Purity’s Custom Text Filter word lists

  1. Ian D. Samson says:

    Everywhere, not just News Feed, but also friends’ posts & Explore Feed have images of DJT that I wish to block. This page describes text filter. How to block images?

    • Ian D. Samson says:

      I found the Photo Posts selection box, keyed in “Donald Trump, Trump, Donald J. Trump” (without the quotation marks) saved & reloaded, but they are still there. Did I do something wrong?

      • admin says:

        You can only filter images based on the tags/categories that are automatically generated for the images by facebook. you can see which descriptive categories facebook has placed the image in by ticking the “Show Image Classifications on Hover” option then hovering the mouse pointer over the image you are interested in filtering. If no categories are displayed when you hover, then facebook has not given that image any descriptive categories

    • admin says:

      FB Purity does have image content filtering functionality, the image content filter options are under the “Photo Posts” heading on the FBP option screen. You can read more about them here:

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