A Facebook code change has caused a bug in FBP that is hiding all posts in the Newsfeed

**IMPORTANT NEWS** – There is currently a bug in FBP thats causing all newsfeed posts to be hidden 

Due to a Facebook code change, FBP’s Hide “Sponsored Box / Posts” option is currently hiding all the posts in the Newsfeed.

**UPDATE** A new version of FBP has been released that fixes this issue, check the latest news post for more information.

To stop this, turn off the Hide “Sponsored Box / Posts” option. To do this, click the FBP link at the top of your Facebook page, then un-tick the Hide “Sponsored Box / Posts” option right at the top of the FBP options screen under the “More Options” heading, then click the “Save and Close” button.
Sorry about the inconvenience, I am working on a fix for this now, please be patient,
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3 Responses to A Facebook code change has caused a bug in FBP that is hiding all posts in the Newsfeed

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the prompt addressing of the issue, Steve. Much appreciated!

  2. Guy says:

    When will 24.1.0 be available for Opera? I keep getting prompts to update, but can’t get a version later than 21.0 to install.

    • admin says:

      As the latest News post says, it will be available after Opera manually reviews it and approves it for publishing, which usually takes a day or two. One user suggested a possible workaround for the delays in gettting opera extension updates. there is an opera extension that lets you install chrome extensions, i dont know the name of it, but if you install that, you should be able to install the chrome version of fbp from the chrome webstore.

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