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FB Purity Firefox Extension Bug Fix Update for Firefox 17 Compatibility

Important news for users of the Firefox version of the FB Purity browser extension. A new “stable” version of the Firefox web browser is being released today – 2oth November 2012, ¬†Firefox 17, which is not compatible with the current … Continue reading

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F.B. Purity Update v7.9.7 – Fixes Block Application function, Fixed Instagram App filtering + more

Ive released F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity Update v7.9.7 that fixes some bugs and adds a couple of new features. Summary of Changes in this Release: Fixed “BA” (Block Application) function also fixed app blocking for “frictionless sharing” apps such as … Continue reading

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If you have noticed FB Purity’s “BA” (Block Application) function has stopped working, read this

Do you use FB Puritys application blocking function? If so you may have noticed that it has stopped working, due to a Facebook code change. I’ve updated FBP’s code so that it works again, if you want the fixed version, … Continue reading

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