FB Purity Change Log (Revision History)

// 1.51  30th March 2009 Bug fixed: if there were no pending requests, the script didnt work
// 1.52   4th April 2009 removed GM_addStyle command, for better compatibility with other browsers (chrome + opera)
// 1.53  26th April 2009 changed insertpoint so its not dependent on suggestions box
// 1.54  27th April 2009 script is now compatible with Google Chrome + Opera (and possibly safari, not tested yet)
// 1.54a  5th May   2009 fixed a minor bug
// 1.54b 24th June  2009 fixed for facebook code change
// 1.54c 29th July  2009 fixed for facebook code change
// 1.54d  5th Aug   2009 fixed for facebook code change
// 1.54e 26th Aug   2009 fixed for facebook code change
// 1.60   4th Sep   2009 added application whitelisting capability, the default whitelisted apps are:
//                       FB Iphone, Selective Twitter and Living Social
// 1.61  14th Oct   2009 optimised script, it should run faster and more efficiently now
//                       added tumblr, digsby and tweetdeck to whitelist, removed livingsocial from whitelist
// 1.8   21st Oct   2009 added "block app" functionality and ability to show just the app messages on the page
//                       added blackberry app to default whitelist
// 1.8a  22nd Oct   2009 fixed bug with blocking apps if language was not set to english
// 1.8d  23rd Oct   2009 fixed for new facebook update ( "live feed" changes )
//                       fixed if you click "Show x similar posts" on an application message, when you have chosen to display the app messages, the app messages will no longer be automatically hidden
//                       if after you've blocked an app, and there are no more hidden app messages, it now returns to normal homepage view
// 1.8e  26th Oct   2009 script now hides more apps (ones that use widgets) and should also now be restricted to running on the homepage
// 1.9   28th Oct   2009 added filter for "extra" [joined group, became fan, attending event, became friend] messages
// 2.0   31st Oct   2009 fixed Show/Hide Logic, made app+extra filters mutually exclusive, optimised the script a lot
//                       moved fbpurity bar to the left to regain vertical space on the right hand column
//                       newly added elements now obey the current filter
// 2.1   2nd  Nov   2009 reset show/hide mode to default when user changes fb filter
//                       added workaround for fb still showing apps that you have "blocked", script now "hides" app as well as blocking it, when you click the "block app" link
//                       fixed bug with whitelisted apps being displayed via the "show hidden apps" filter
//                       fixed - block link wasnt showing up on dynamically inserted app messages
// 2.1a  4th  Nov   2009 fixed - now also hides apps that dont have a mini-icon
// 2.1b  7th  Nov   2009 added option to hide suggestions box
//                       added facebook for android to whitelist
// 2.2  12th  Nov   2009 rewrote filter system, should block absolutely all apps now (except whitelisted ones)
//                       added filter for photos posted by applications (eg farmville, top friends etc)
// 2.2a 12th  Nov   2009 fixed suggestion box filter
// 2.2b 20th  Nov   2009 added another "became friends" story id to extras list
// 2.3  31st  Jan   2010 fixed block app function for google chrome v4 + hopefully fixed the random script loading problems too
//                       speeded up script loading time by checking if the DOM is ready, rather than waiting for the whole page to load
//                       added "attended event" messages to blocked extras list
//                       added an option to allow blocking of "commented on status" and "likes status" messages
//                       added facebook for palm to default application whitelist
// 2.3a  5th  Feb   2010 fixed bug where the show/hide links wouldnt work if you navigated away from the homepage then came back again
// 2.3b  7th  Feb   2010 fixed script to work with new layout
// 2.3c  8th  Feb   2010 fixed script to work with custom friends lists
// 2.4  13th  Feb   2010 fixed hide suggestions box option (wasnt working on custom friends list pages)
//                       fixed app filtering ( some apps were getting around the app filter )
//                       added the following optional extras : tagged/commented/liked photo, tagged in album, commented/liked album, commented/liked link, wall comment, group wall comment
// 2.4a 18th  Feb   2010 added another app exception (generic status updates posted "via some app" - using widgets)
//                       added motoblur + iphoto uploader to default whitelist
//                       added optional extra : "Page Wall Comments"
//                       added optional extra : "Posted Event"
//                       fixed bug caused by "posted events" + "became friends" sharing same story code 
//                       fixed bug caused by "became friends + became fan of" sharing same story code 
// 2.4b 19th  Feb   2010 fixed bug in firefox where sometimes the "show extras" link stopped working
// 2.4c 23rd  Feb   2010 fixed event/friend/fan story code differentiation
// 2.5  25th  Feb   2010 added text filter list, so you  can specify words or phrases you want to block from your news feeds
//                       separated userappwhitelist from the defaultappwhitelist, for easier copying and pasting of application id lists
//                       added picasa uploader to the default application whitelist
// 2.5a 26th  Feb   2010 fixed script to work with latest FB code change
// 2.7   8th  Mar   2010 added options editing screen that lets you save your settings for extras, whitelist, suggestions box, and custom text filter
//                       added sprint/samsung? photo/video uploader, sony/erricson uploader,music player + status shuffle to default whitelist.
//                       added https:// to the list of included pages for those wanting greater security whilst browsing facebook
// 2.8  13th  Mar   2010 fixed suggestions box wasnt being hidden on the requests page if the hide sb option was selected
//                       fixed options screen occasionally not loading 
//                       added hide option to hide the connect with friends box
//                       added facebook exporter for iphoto and flickr app to default whitelist
//                       added "Allow" link to application messages, for auto whitelisting of applications
// 2.8a-test 19thMar2010 alpha test of temp fix for fb codechange, basic (show/hide) functionality should be restored
// 2.8b-test 20thMar2010 fixed bug in show/hide app code, fixed "block app" and "allow" links on application messages
// 2.9        2ndApr2010 Merged 2.8 + 2.8b-test so it doesnt matter which version of the site you are presented with, the script should still work 
//                       Fixed bug in chrome where show/hide functions were sometimes not working.
//                       Fixed Block + Allow links that were not showing up for certain applications (apps that post as normal FB stories)
//                       Added LG Mobile, Windows Phone, Twitter and Posterous to the default application whitelist
//                       Added hide "Sponsored box" (ads) option
// 2.9a       6thApr2010 Fixed bug that was causing Firefox to lock up
// 2.9b       9thApr2010 Fixed after blocking an app, not all the onscreen posts by that app would be hidden
//                       Made some performance tweaks to make the script run better
//                       Blocking app no longer requires "hiding" too so removed hideapp function call
//                       Added Snaptu + SonyEricsson Panel + Nokia to default whitelist
// 2.9c      15thApr2010 Added Ping.fm to default whitelist
//                       Added a workaround for the bug in firefox which caused the script to fail when cookies are set to: "Keep until:" - "ask me every time"
// 2.9d      15thApr2010 Fixed minor CSS style issue
//                       Fixed friend/fan stories getting mixed up again (due to Facebooks code tinkering)
// 2.9e      19thApr2010 Fixed bug where the display extras/apps would get screwed up some times
//                       Fixed "allow" and "block app" buttons were not being hidden by default
// 2.9f      26thApr2010 Fixed Display bug on custom friends list page.
// 2.9g       4thMay2010 Fixed Extras differentiation (friends/fans)
//                       Added wildcard for included pages
//                       Added Gwibber to default whitelist
// 2.9h      20thMay2010 Added new "likes website" type story to "became fan of" option
//                       Fixed differentiation between like+became friends (again)
// 2.9i      11thJun2010 Fixed Block App function
//                       Added "changed profile info","changed relationship" and "changed profile pic" to the list of hideable extras
//                       Fixed multiple words/phrases in custom text filter for chrome
// 2.9j      22ndJun2010 Added option to hide "beta testers" box
//                       Added HTC Sense + Samsung Mobile apps to default Whitelist
// 3.0       30thJun2010 Fixed script for latest FB code change
//                       Added visual feedback for "block app" function
//                       Added extra security on domain name parsing
//                       Stopped script from running in frames
// 3.1       30thJun2010 Fixed for unforseen bugs
// 3.11       9thJul2010 Fixed hide suggestions box (recommended pages + people you may know)
// 3.2        5thAug2010 Fixed "Block" and "Allow" (whitelist) buttons, Added windows live messenger + o2 social link to default whitelist
// 3.3       20thAug2010 Added new extra: "Checked in to location", addded LG Phone app to default whitelist
// 3.4        3rdSep2010 Fixed script to work with facebook's latest code change, added Bloom photo uploader to default whitelist
// 3.4a      11thSep2010 Fixed hide "get connected box" option, fixed freezeup in google chrome when creating a new friends list, fixed regex bug in custom text filter
// 3.4b      14thSep2010 Fixed hide "get connected box" option again, fixed compatibility with ff4
// 3.4c      22ndSep2010 Fixed hide "get connected box" option again
// 3.5        2ndOct2010 The application filter now also hides "friend began using app/game" messages. Custom text filter now tells you which filter was activated when it hides a message
// 3.6        7thOct2010 Added new extras "uploaded photo, uploaded video, tagged in video, posted note, tagged in note, posted link" 
//                       Added "block app" and "allow app" links for "started using app" type messages
//                       Added Import and Export Settings functionality.
//                       Fixed loss of settings when user clears Firefox's cookies
// 3.6a       7thOct2010 Fixed bug with Firefox settings recovery system
// 3.7       14thOct2010 Incorporated new "joined group" story type to existing hide "joined group" extra, incorporated new "changed location" story types to existing "changed location" extra, added hide "poke box" option, added new HTC Sense, live journal and hootsuite to default app whitelist
// 3.8       20thOct2010 Added options to hide the "questions box", "events box" and "requests box"
// 3.8.1     27thOct2010 Fixed: "started using app filter", "hide request box code", added  Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro to default application whitelist
// 3.8.2     29thOct2010 Fixed: Whitelist + Block App buttons were no longer showing due to a change in facebooks code.
// 3.8.3      3rdNov2010 Fixed: Whitelist + Block App buttons were no longer showing due to a change in facebooks code.
//                       Added Yahoo + Sony Ericsson + Vlingo to default whitelist
//                       Added WL (whitelist + BA (Block App) links for messages posted by applications masquerading as "normal" fb status updates
// 3.9.0      4thNov2010 Added font size option
// 3.9.1     11thNov2010 Streamlined page processing, Fixed font size for group messages, Fixed "needs to access data on all sites" message on google chrome, fixed group wall comments filter, fixed hide questions box option
// 3.9.2     15thNov2010 Updated hide sponsored box code, sponsored box should now be hidden on profiles and pages as well as the homepage/newsfeed, added block/whitelist links for photos/notes created uploaded by applications, tidied up code
// 3.9.3     19thNov2010 Added script collision detection, to check if 2 versions of the script are running at the same time (script+extension etc)
//                       Altered more font classes to give a more uniform font size across the site. Added Droid + Dell Mobile to default app whitelist
// 3.9.4     25thNov2010 Fixed mangled BA + WL links, Fixed "FB-Glitch" error on friends list pages, Hides sponsored box on search pages if option set, Added link to info about AVG clash, Fixed Opera bug with localstorage
// 3.9.5      7thDec2010 Added "changed to new profile" stories to "updated profile" filter, added new story code to "updated profile" filter, now hides sponsored box in a few more places, added RockMelt to default app whitelist
// 3.9.6     17thDec2010 Added Custom CSS Box, Fixed hide "suggestions" box, Fixed bug with blocking "started using app", Added Friendly for Ipad, Slide, networked blogs, RSS Grafitti, Twitter Feed to default app whitelist
// 4.0.0     23rdDec2010 Fixed intermittent app/extra filter problems, fixed bug with "started using app" previously it didnt check if app was in whitelist, added seesmic to app whitelist, fixed autoplay of videos when toggling show/hide
// 4.1.0     18thJan2011 NEW: Application message filtering can now be turned off, NEW: Can now block multiple applications at the same time
//                       Hide sponsored box option now hides more ads, Fixed name size on profile pages, Addeed Facebook mobile by Opentech ENG and flipboard to default app whitelist
// 4.3.0     27thJan2011 "App + extra" filtering now works on profile pages, tweaked blockallapp function a little bit (scroll to top, single app block)
//                       Added "delete all recent activity" button to profile pages, enabled full screen button for youtube videos, added delete friend request button, added nokia N900,and Ovi by Nokia to default app whitelist
// 4.3.1     11thFeb2011 show/hide filters save youtube video's current position, hide sponsored box option now hide ads on new photo lightbox popups, catches more application messages in app filter, fixed del recent activity to work with new https settting, fixed missing info bar on profile pages, fixed anomalous delete button on privacy page, added kodak easyshare,Snaptu for Facebook and Instagram to default app whitelist.
// 4.4.0     17thMar2011 fixed commenting ( hitting return/enter in the textarea no longer submits comments, also added comment button back for comments )
//                       fixed filtering on application/profile pages with photo strip at top, fixed intermittent bug with display of block app/whitelist links, added eBuddy, mobileblog + Rockmelt Beta to default whitelist
// 4.4.1     24thMar2011 Fixed block app function. Fixed Delete Recent Activity Function. (Known issue: In FF4 profile page needs to be reloaded to get the "del recent activity" button to show up)
// 4.5.0     29thMar2011 Added an option to hide the new Facebook Questions. Fixed Delete Recent Activity Button not showing up in FF4. Fixed "extras" dual story type separation for facebook videos and events. Fixed options screen layout problem on wide screens.
// 4.5.1     21stApr2011 Fixed for new Relationship stories and new "Is Using Application" stories
// 4.5.2      8thJun2011 fixed block application function, Fixed hide sponsored box code, Fixed a bug with the extras filter, added "no longer listed as" to relationship story filter
// 4.5.3     23rdJun2011 fixed fb places checkin anomaly, merged new "commented on a website" story type with "commented on link"
// 5.0.0     19thJul2011 added "hide chat" option, added "hide happening now" sidebar option, added "hide commented on event wall" extra option, added "hide page updates" extra option, added "hide commented/liked stories on Top News feed" extra option
// 5.1.0     20thSep2011 fixed spaces in application whitelist issue. fixed position of WL + BA links. added "updated school" and "relatives" stories to the updated profile extra filter. added "tagged in a post" stories to "commented/liked status" filter. added "subscribed to" stories to "friends with" extra filter. added windows phone 7, and facebook for windows phone 7 to default whitelist. fixed hiding ads on the photo lightbox
// 5.2.0     21stSep2011 fixed for new newsfeed
// 5.3.0     22ndOct2011 fixed/ish most extra filters (forced to use text filtering, so it only work on english interface), fixed comment button not showing up on ticker and birthday story popups. fixed ticker frame showing when hidden. fixed "meta.match" popup javascript error. fixed hide events box. Fixed BA + WL links not showing up.
// 5.5.0     29thOct2011 fixed various issues with extra filtering, added hide "Shared photo" extra option, ff addon is now restartless and also compatible with seamonkey/iceape
// 6.0.0      1stDec2011 fixed shared photo filter, fixed fan page stories filter, updated facebook places (checkins) filter, sped up the filtering a bit, fixed "likes page" filter, fixed event story filters, removed redundant box hiding options, added hide "read an article" option, reduced wall options to single "wrote on wall" option, added basic check for updates button, stopped filtering the current user and fbp's updates, FBP firefox extension is now restartless, FBP should now be compatible with the Seamonkey and Iceape browsers, app whitelist and custom text filter are now textareas and each item now needs to be on a separate line, rather than comma separated.
// 6.1.1      9thDec2011 fixed too-wide textareas on options screen, fixed fan page story filter + logged in user filter, added "shared an event" to "created event" filter, fixed attending and attended event filters, improved tabbed textareas differentiation, fixed "friend requested" button being erroneously displayed, fixed "fb glitch" error on friends list pages, fixed "shared a link" filter, fixed upload photo button duplication
// 6.3.0     22ndDec2011 added font and background colour options, added hide offline friends in chat option, added separate settings per logged in user, fixed "joined group" filter, fixed "regex error" freezing firefox, fixed https issues with options screen, fixed anomalous "delete" button showing up on timeline page, fixed "liked page" filter,improved fb places filter, added welcome message on first run 
// 6.4.0     24thDec2011 Fixed filtering to work with international versions of FB, various other fixes.
// 6.4.1     26thDec2011 Fixed FB for IE7 Spoofing (to help with disabling Timeline)
// 6.4.2      6thJan2012 Fixed Application message filtering. Fixed hidden create album button on group pages. Fixed FB Purity Bar not showing on Friends list feeds. Fixed fbp not working for users with default user icon/pic. Improved welcome page.
// 6.4.3     19thJan2012 Fixed story filtering 
// 6.5.0      6thFeb2012 Added an auto update checker, Fixed comment button on new photo lightbox, Fixed birthday comment flyout button, fixed hide ads on photo lightbox, fixed go online/offline chat button when browser is in IE7 spoof mode, fixed hide events box, fixed a memory leak
// 6.6.0      7thFeb2012 Added an option to force the newsfeed to be sorted by most recent, fixed photo comment button for "facebook fan pages"
// 6.6.1     20thFeb2012 Added links to new FBP Fan Page on Google Plus to options screen. Turned on "Hide sponsored box" option by default. Added CSS to hide footer in Right hand column. Fixed youtube scrollbars issue, fixed hidden info on fb questions and fb insights when colour options are set
// 6.6.2      2ndMar2012 Hides "press enter to submit comment" text when comment button enabled, fixes gap on new group pages when in ie7 spoof mode, fixes comment buttons on photo light box, brought back comments/likes on top news stories option
// 6.7.0     28thMar2012 Fixed auto update checker in Firefox, Fixed hide ads in message pages, Fixed comment box growing too big in Safari, fixed hide chat box option, fixed force feed to be sorted by "most recent" option, fixed delete recent activity button
// 6.7.1      3rdApr2012 Improved game/application and extra filtering, fixed hidden images at top of group pages if background colour had been set, fixed opera extension
// 7.0.0      6thApr2012 Added built in IE7 user agent switch for chrome (for disabling timeline), improved CSS fixes for IE7 spoof mode, improved comment button restoration, improved "extra" filters
// 7.1.0     28thApr2012 Fixed hide recent activity button, Fixed comment button on birthday and ticker flyout boxes, If hide "read an article" filter is ticked, it now also hides the "trending articles" box
// 7.5.0     10thMay2012 Fixed news article redirects for Trending Articles stories also fixed the hide trending articles box option, added "block application" link to bottom of all facebook application pages, and "block application" button to all facebook application permission request pages, Fixed "BA" (Block Application) and "WL" (Whitelist) links on application posts in the newsfeed
//                       Added a single column Timeline layout option, re-added ability to filter "frictionless sharing / FB actions" stories, Fixed hidden comment button in group welcome box
// 7.5.1     25thMay2012 Fixed hiding trending articles option, hide sponsored box option now also hides sponsored stories in the newsfeed, various other minor tweaks and fixes
// 7.5.2     14thJun2012 Fixed various extra filters including ('shared photo' and 'uploaded photo'), fixed news article redirects and hide "trending articles / trending videos"
// 7.6.0      5thJul2012 Removes all external link redirects, so Facebook cant track them or block them. Adds remove event 'x's on events page (chrome + safari only), highlights applications in app center that request email or posting permissions, fixed block application link on application pages
// 7.6.1      1stAug2012 Fixed hide sponsored box
// 7.6.2     28thAug2012 Stopped New User screen from popping up when Facebook resets the user settings. Fixed external link interception. Fixed display anomalies in message send window, stopped hidden button from showing in "liked a page" message in ticker. Added extra highlighting/clarity on the App Center permissions section.
// 7.8.0      7thSep2012 Fixed the user settings, so facebook cant delete them
//                       Altered block app function to let you block just the app you select, it then asks if you also want to block the other apps
// 7.9.0                 Fixed shared a link filter, Separated FB Actions/Frictionless sharing apps from the Trending Articles filter, FB Actions/ Frictionless sharing apps should now be filtered by the apps filter
//                       Fixed TL button showing incorrect state after login
// 7.9.5     18thSep2012 Fixed comment button (now 2 step submit process), fixed settings bug (facebook was resetting users settings, also clearing browser cookies would reset settings), completely hides sponsored stories from the newsfeed, restored new user greeting
// 7.9.6     26thOct2012 Fixed hide trending articles, Fixed link and news article redirection/interception, Fixed filtering on interest lists, Fixed Block App link on permission request pages, Fixed inline youtube video playing on timeline pages, fixed missing images in fbp interface, fixed highlighting on application permission request dialogs
// 7.9.7     15thNov2012 Fixed for FF17 (extension), Fixed block application function, added a more prominent block app button to appcenter app pages, fixed application filter + instagram whitelisting, Added FBP Info bar and filtering to game and "page feed", Fixed Fan Page filter, so it doesnt affect "Page Feed" or "Interest Lists", fixed emoticons when font size is altered, fixed app blocking for frictionless sharing apps such as netflix, fixed bug with birthday comment flyout (blue box), changed the default "restore comment buton" option to off., updated new user info page to include info about FBP interest list and page notifications. Added "posted an offer" to sponsored story filter
// 8.0.1     30thNov2012 Added options for hiding left hand column links, added "upcoming events" to "hide events box" filter, made font options collapsible, improved ad blocking function
// 8.2.0     --thJan2013 Added "Recently Released Albums" to sponsored box filter, fixed Questions filter, fixed "block app" on opera, Added create a group, create a page, and find friends to links you can hide in the left column. Added "Recent Articles About" and "Most Shared on" to trending articles filter, added "play with friends" story filter
//                       redesigned options screen, added lots new options, fixed "drag image into box" covering options screen, cleared out lots of dead code, added option to hide smileys, added fix left column in place option
// 8.2.2     13thFeb2013 Fixed slowdown on timeline / like/fan pages. Added hide like suggestions bar, to hide sponsored box option (after you like page, it shows a list of other pages to like). Updated welcome screen to 2 step process.
// 8.3.0     21stMar2013 Added Hide "Gifts" and hide Notification Popup Box options, fixed bug in news panel on fbp options screen (bug-if feed was too short, surfaced due to fb post deletions), fixed add block link to fb apps sidebar, fixed hide all videos filter, fixed hidden event page buttons in single column timeline layout mode, improves group story filtering, fixed hidden file upload buttons when background color is set
// 8.5.0     24thJun2013 Hide sponsored box option now also Hides the page suggestions on page feed, fixed opera specific bug when certain options were selected, fixed hide emoticons for new "feelings" functionality
//                       Updated for new newsfeed design, Added hide links in right hand column options, Fix saving/retrieving settings. Fixed Timeline cover photo issues. Fixed timeline shift to right on personal timeline pages. Fixed hidden comment button when attaching image to comment.
// 8.5.1     27thJul2013 Fixed hide "shared photos" when they are part of a "multi post update", fixed hidden group count and image attach icon when background color was set, updated "changed location" filter to include "is in" and "was in" a location
// 8.5.2     14thAug2013 Fixed TL button for new search bar, Fixed hide emoticons option,  Fixed line-height in ticker and left column when font is set
// 8.5.3     19thAug2013 Fixed Display of FBP info bar + filtering functionality for some users
// 8.6.1     23rdAug2013 Faster start up and CSS loading, fixed hide pokes and hide emoticons, fixed intermittent functioning of "restore comment button" option, and intermittent functioning of "fix external link redirection" options
// 8.7.0     12thSep2013 Updated FB Gift hiding option, Added "hide tagged in status" option, added app and game filtering in the news ticker to the hide "app / game messages" filter, updated hide sponsored box filter to also hide "similar to" box, updated hide gifts option
// 8.8.2      1stOct2013 Added hide sticker packs functionality to sticker store, Improved the force Sort Most Recent function, Fixed "Block application" button wasnt showing in some situations, added BA links to appcenter app listings, fixed hide trending box option, fixed hide like page button for new newsfeed design, fixed sort recent for chinese language
// 9.0.0     14thNov2013 Added ex-friend scanner, Added friend whitelist, Fixed for Safari v7, Fixed home button going to app page, when on apps.facebook.com, removed sticker pack functionality, fixed birthday comment box in newsfeed, fixed allowing commas in custom text filter, alphabeticised the leftcolumn links options, added hide "browse" link in left column, fixed app filtering/whitelisting for some users, fixed fan page story filtering for some people, New Chronological Sort function, started working on fixing memory leak
// 9.1.0     24thNov2013 Added hide/revert bubble chat to old chat option, fixed bug in friend whitelist feature
// 9.2.1      4thDec2013 Fixed hide "bubble chat", Added FBP button in top nav bar, fixed hide "all photos" filter, fixed "shared link" filter, TL Button now only shows on Fan Pages, Added "Liked This" filter, fixed some feed filtering bugs, fixed hide "wrote on wall" posts, fixed hidden audience selector (when  hide smileys option set), added check for same font and background colour
// 9.3.2     20thDec2013 Added option to disable autoplay of videos in the newsfeed, Added "Display Animated Gifs in newsfeed" option, Improved Deleted Friend Alerts functionality, Fixed hide "wrote on wall" option, Fixed many Safari Issues (Deleted Friend Alerts, Auto Update Notifications, Friends Whitelist)
// 9.4.0     30thDec2013 Fixed Restore Comment Button Option, Fixed Disable Autoplay option glitch, Added hide "List Suggestions" option, Fixed the FBP info bar not showing on some friends/interests list pages
// 9.5.3     24thJan2014 New open chat/messages in full screen mode option, Fixed Stop External Link Redirection and Tracking function, added option to hide fbpurity news link in left column (also welcome,notes and links), added notifications (counter beneath fbp link) for fbp news stories, fixed filtering for hashtag feeds
// 9.6.0      6thFeb2014 fixed program update check for firefox, fixed news update check for safari
						 // fixed hide trending topics option for trending hashtag posts in newsfeed, fixed ads were hidden even if sponsored box option wasnt ticked
						 // fixed game and application filtering including "games you may like" posts, removed hide offline friends in chat option, because it was hiding all friends
// 9.7.0     22ndFeb2014 Fixed hide offline friends in chat, Fixed Firefox Sync (and Firebug) Disruption in FF XPI, Fixed hide trending links in newsfeed, Added new FB App "Paper" to default app whitelist, fixed right click and middle click on external links in firefox (when fix links option selected), fixed the default settings on first install werent working properly, fixed wrote on wall filter, fixed sticker store preview button when fullscreenchat option enabled, added Nokia to default whitelist
// 9.7.1 	 13thMar2014 Fixed wrote on wall, improved fbp news notifications responsiveness, hides new recommended games, games you may like and games your friends are playing boxes on the right hand column, fixed inline video play in messages when fullscreenchat option enabled.
//                       Fixed hidden FBP button, moved option screen to left a bit, fixed fbp news notifications issue with daylight savings time adjustment on feed timestamps, fixed "BA" and "WL" links hiding FB dropdown menu.
// 9.8.0     27thMar2014 New: Hide List Suggestions, Hide List Header Image, Expand News Column Options (and toggle switch).
// 9.8.2     25thApr2014 Fixed Deleted Friend Alert Replay function, Fixed some background colour issues on profile pages, fixed full screen chat option, Fixed "Export Settings" link for Safari
// 9.9.1     13thJun2014 Fixed BA + WL links not showing, Fixed various issues with background colour option, Fixed Soundcloud links opening a new tab and on current tab
// 9.9.3     23rdJul2014 Fixed FBP link not showing up. Various other fixes, for more info see http://news.fbpurity.com
//   26thJul2014 Fixed FBP link not showing up in top nav bar for non English (US) users
// 10.3.0    13thAug2014 Background image option, freeze top navbar option, top navbar colour, top navbar image, hide home link, hide home link counter, hide left column link counters, hide newssfeed option
// 10.5.0    30thAug2014 Added new Web Fonts option, fixed update check, fixed welcome screen, added fbp faq prompt on fbp fan page.
// 11.0.0    20thSep2014 New stretch background image option, new "use image as background" link on photo pages, new transparent newsfeed option, new link colour option, new top nav font colour option, Fixed fbp settings link in drop down menu, fixed hide stickers in chat, fixed hidden friends on manage friends list when bkg color set
// 12.0.0    3rdOct2014  Fixed hide birthdays in right hand column option, fixed full date+time option for firefox, fixed hide related stories popup, fixed hide people you may know, fixed hide events in left column, fixed hide wrote on wall, added hide "Your Pages" box, fixed "hide newsfeed" option, new hide search box popup option, new hide auto tag suggestions option, fixed photos in chat opening in a new window
// 12.1.0   12thOct2014 Fixed hide sponsored box for some users, Fixed tag suggestions for "Share" popup menu (share in group/share on friend's timeline) Fixed tagging users in photos, and locations, Fixed tag suggestions on "View as" page. Auto click "more stories" button on initial load, updated sort most recent code, new hide friend requests icon in top nav bar option, updated the hide games and apps to completely hide "games you may like" instead of filtering it to the extras tab
// 12.1.3               Fixed "Sort: Most Recent" to allow viewing of "Top Stories", Fixed the redirect to Find Friends page for some users,
// 12.2.x               Fixed hide stickers in comments, fixed fbp options screen so it doesnt lose scroll position,
// 12.5.1   19thOct2014 Added warning if app or game requests email address, fixed redirects on pages feed and friends list pages, fixed "hide all video" option, swapped FBP's disable autoplay functionality with a link on the options screen that turns Facebook's own built in disable autoplay option.
// 21stOct2014 Re-enabled FBP's disable autoplay function for people who don't have Facebooks native disable option. Fixed redirect when previewing pdf files in a group
// 12.7.0    3rdNov2014 Deleted Friends alerts are now more persistent. Fixed Donation request. Fixed opera 12 slowdown bug. Fixed Share animated gif bug.
// 12.8.0   11thDec2014 Fixed hidden privacy selectors when hide emoticons option is turned on, if show full timestamps option is on, now if you hover over the date/timestamp it shows the short time style (how many minutes/hours ago it was posted)
//                      Added "is watching / is listening to" filter, fixed set as background image functionality, fixed disable autoplay, added display logout button in top navbar option, added hide status button in top nav bar option, fixed sort most recent option for new search
// 12.9.1    6thMay2015 Fixed intermittent bug with show logout button option (its related to slow pages), removed single column timeline option as its not needed anymore, fixed automatic "turn off disable autoplay link", added "Z" keyboard shortcut for zapping comments with just name tags or stickers, fixed hide group suggestions in right column option,
//                      Fixed full screen chat for new thin chat sidebar, fixed fbp update check, fixed fbp news check, removed disable autoplay option, fixed on this day page redirecting back to newsfeed when sort most recent option selected, fixed hide on this day, and "new group" left column link options, fixed cant view facebook videos when "sort most recent" option turned on, added "replied to a comment on this" to the "commented on this" filter
// 13.0.0   27thMay2015 Fixed filtering on friend list feeds
// 13.2.0   24thJun2015 Fixed sort:most recent, fixed hide left column link options, fixed hide offline friends option, added a hide new stories popup button option, replaced unread stories feed option with friend feed option
// 13.2.1   25thJun2015 Fixed home link not working on profile/timeline pages when "Sort Feed: Most Recent" option was turned on.
// 13.2.3    2ndJul2015 Fixed newsfeed filtering (some posts were evading fbps filters), fixed application/game post filtering, Fixed transparent newsfeed option, Removed hide status button in top nav bar option.
// 13.3.1   30thJul2015 New: Hide Group Conversations in Chat option. New: Hide Send Money Button option, fixed "changed location" filter, improved newsfeed most recent/top stories etc dropdown menu handling, new hide "edit profile" left column link option, fixed "switching to most recent" bug when clicking a notification
// 13.4.1    6thAug2015 Fixed Filtering on List Pages
// 13.4.2   25thNov2015 New: filters for hiding "your memories" AND "shared a memory", fixed position of logout button, added "liked x's comment" pattern to "liked this" filter, added "replied to a comment" pattern to "commented on this" filter, added visual indicator for whitelisted posts, added option to hide new "Suggested" section in left column, fixed hide stickers, fixed empty comment (tags only) zap function, fixed hide all videos option, fixed filtering ads from the newsfeed for latest firefox
//                      Fixed FBP link position, Fixed game/app filters. Fixed show more friends in chat, fixed full screen chat option, fixed revert bubble chat option, fixed some issues with background colours, added hiding the "topics" section in the left column to the hide trending topics option, fixed filtering out "interested in" event, fixed hide emoticons/stickers option.
// 14.0.0   22ndDec2015 Fixed newsfeed filtering for FF41/42/43+, Fixed "Set Background Image" link for photo theatre mode, added "remove image from background" option, fixed hide send money icon in inbox, fixed hide "pages you may like" stories in newsfeed, added "playing" to the "watching/listening" to filter, new hide trending search suggestions option, updated nagging questions filter to hide seasonal / promotional messages in the status update box, added hide "sale groups" to hide left column link options.
// 14.1.0    8thJan2016 Fixed sort most recent (also changed name of option), added option to make "friend feed" the default, temporarily stop hiding games if user chooses to view gamesfeed, fixed filtering app/game posts in ticker, fixed hide "liked page" filter, fixed top nav bar colour/image/logout button options, "Z" keyboard shortcut now zaps comments featuring text from Text Filter box
// 14.2.0   29thJan2016 Fixed some issues with the filter the ticker option, fixed some issues with hide auto tag suggestions, added option to hide "Suggest Edits" link in left column, added check to see if FB language is not English
//                      Updated : renamed "Trending Articles" filter option to "Trending Stories", and fixed it to filter out trending stories from the newsfeed, updated external link fixing code, added a hide profile hovercards option, fixed chrome extension instability if extension has been disabled in the background
// 14.3.1   17thFeb2016 New: Font Preview window, New: Show Full URLs on shared links option, Fixed: "Expand News Column" option, Improved hide emoticons option to show text in some cases, Fixed news notification from showing up on every install, renamed wrote on wall wrote on timeline, added Preview individual font link, removed freeze top nav bar option, updated hide trending search suggestions to remove political debate search, fixed hide birthday posts in newsfeed, updated "hide nagging questions" option to stop facebooks prompts to update your status with current events (such as political debates or public holidays), updated "Hide Games and Apps" (Timeline Options) option to hide all games and apps on timeline pages except whitelisted apps.
// 14.5.0   26thFeb2016 New: Hide Reactions bar option, new export settings to text file function, fixed hiding "page stories you might like", removed left column links for gifts, fbiphone,fbandroid, fixed show logout button option,fixed hide padlock, hide smileys now hides reaction emojis too, new tagged in this option, fixed existing "liked" newsfeed filters to filter out "reacted to" too
// 14.7.0   29thMar2016 New: Custom Reactions Pack option, New Import Settings from file function, fixed background colour issue in groups
// 14.8.0   21stMay2016 Added options to hide "Live" box in right column and hide "Discover Groups" in left column, Fixed Custom Reactions (also for those with different languages) also for new style SVG reactions, New: Option to hide Live Map, Whitelisted "Mentions" App, Fixed "hide/edit comment" button wasn't showing when hide emoticons option was on, fixed text filtering for some users (style="display:block visibility:visible" on posts), fixed hide smileys, added "people also like" to hide "recommended pages" option, added hide "upcoming events" box on Pages to the "hide events section" option, fixed redirect when "show logout" button was turned on, fixed clear ad prefs, restored freeze top nav bar option
// 14.9.1   15thJun2016 Updated "Sort Feed: Most Recent" option to also show most recent on Friend's Timeline pages. Fixed Friend feed functionality, fixed invisible notification icons and page videos if bg was set to black, removed "Sort Feed: Friend Feed" option because Facebook removed the "Friend Feed" page, fixed hidden "edit" button, if "hide smileys" option was turned on, fixed duplicate smileys when font size is set, fixed hide new smiley type in chat popup and notifications, added hide "your posts" left col link option, fixed fbp news check (data-time -> data-utime), added show live user grid option to livemap page
// 15.0.1   23rdJul2016 Fixed FBP link not showing for some people, fixed hide post menu opening, fixed various top nav bar options, fixed new user welcome screen not showing, fixed attending event filter, fixed live grid function, fixed descriptions in shared links sometimes not showing if show full url option was on, added a hide fundraisers left column link option, fixed compatibility with maxthon 4.9, added hide "Todays games" right column option
// 15.1.0   10thAug2016 Fixed hiding sponsored posts, Fixed Newsfeed filtering options, Fixed app blocking (BA) button in the newsfeed, Fixed Revert Bubble Chat option, Fixed FB Purity Settings link in Facebook dropdown menu, removed some obsolete code, added Send Page HTML function (chrome only for now), fixed hide "your posts" left column link, fixed status composer box dark background issue, fixed hide find friends link in top navbar, fixed export settings to file for edge
// 16.0.0    2ndSep2016 New options for filtering images based on image content, Fixed Clear Ad Prefs functionality, Fixed friends feed link showing in left column for people with new LC design, Updated Custom Reactions options, new options: hide cookies policy bar, hide whole left column, hide whole right column, fixed posts in sale groups being hidden, fixed hide send money button option, fixed hidden posts and left side panels and cover images on timelines due to ad filtering, fixed status box hiding behind posts, hide birthday videos if hide right column birthday option is selected, fixed hide newsfeed option for people with new left column
// 16.1.0    8thOct2016 Added preview window for Custom Reaction Image Select box, fixed emoticon and text showing when font size is set, fixed position of facebook hide menu caret, fixed showing online indicator status and video volume control if background colour is set, fixed block app button on app/game permission request page, fixed some hide left column link options for new left column design, new options: hide "Shops" link in left column and hide "start a call" Button option under "Chat Options", fixed hiding page stories you might like, fixed hiding "install messenger" box in right column, fixed hiding "celebrate "x" day" posts if hide "nagging questions" option is ticked
// 17.1.2   10thDec2016 New option to hide moments link in left column, Moved hide trending topics and ticker bar options to "hide right column links section", new hide is typing a comment option, added hide add quick cam pic button chat option, added hide play game button chat option, Fix large font for short statuses, added youtube app to default app whitelist, fixed some background colour issues, fixed hiding ads in groups, added "year in review" to the hide "shared a memory" filter
// 17.2.0   19thDec2016 New options: Autoclick "Explore : See More" & Autoclick "Shortcuts :See More", Removed Freeze left column option,
                        //Fixed hide moments link in left column, fixed removing advertisers from edit advertising profile page, fixed deleted friend alert replay link not showing in left column of new left column design, fixed fbp news link not showing in left column of new left column design, added a  new image content filter: "smoking image", image classification feature now works on a multi image post, added new reaction image set (shia labeouf), removed hide "Interests section" option from "hide left column links" section (as facebook has removed that feature), added "create a frame to the hide "create section" option under "hide left column links" heading, fixed transparent issue with left column, fixed wrote on wall option, fixed hiding colour statuses
// 18.0.0	 3rdFeb2017 Fixed hide sponsored posts, fixed revert bubble chat option, new Trending Box options, new options to hide left column link "messages", "marketplace", "insights","create a frame", your profile, Fixed hide graphical emoticons option now hides the streaming/floating reaction icons on live videos, made floating reactions match the custom reactions if set, added hide games arcade to hide games leftcolumn option, added child photo content filter, fixed images not opening in lightbox in messenger
// 18.0.1   19thFeb2017 Fixed full screen chat option (also for page message button), added hide Jobs left column link  option
// 19.0.1               Fixed sort most recent, fixed trending options button not showing up, fixed selected text colour in messenger, fixed hiding ad for messenger app, added option to hide town hall left column link, fixed: posts in certain group pages not showing up when hide sponsored box option was turned on. fixed problem with "hide nagging questions" option, where it was hiding certain timeline pages, new hide messenger button in top nav bar option, fixed obscured delete buttons in messages when revert bubble chat turned on, improved insert logout button code, improved displaying trending options box, fixed clear advertising interests function and partial fix for clear advertisers, added "tell us what you think" type posts to the hide nagging questions filter, fixed background colour for shared statuses, fixed left shift layout by removing freeze left column, and changing hide right column option to visibility:hidden, fixed expand news column option for weird layout, fixed event discovery page filters, fixed marketplace search, fixed position of trending options box, added links to mobile notifications page as its more accurate, fixed show logout button option, fixed "showing x feed" title alignment,  "pages feed" and "groups feed" to list of dropdown options on newsfeed menu, added option to hide looking for recommendations stories, updated hide nagging questions option to hide nags in "intro box" on your timeline page
// 19.1.0    4thJul2017 Added hide weather left column link option, Added hide Order Food left column link option, added hiding "Flash" to the hide games in left column option, fixed group left column when expand news column option is turned on, fixed left column links on Page hard to read if background image was set, added "Recommended for you" and "Suggested because it's popular on Facebook" posts to the hide sponsored box/stories filter, hide sponsored box/stories option now also hides offer reminders links in the right column, fixed fbp news notifications, fixed album button in status box not working, fixed clearing ad prefs functions, made turning off background status colour option also turn off big fonts for short statuses
// 20.0.0    1stSep2017 Updated news sort: most recent function to work more efficiently, fixed fbp news notifications, and fbp version update notifications, fixed logout button not showing for some people, fixed send message button on Pages when full screen chat is turned on, fixed fbp options link not working if localstorage was turned off in the browser, added hiding "Places Trending Today", "Top 5 Places Near You" and "Popular Across Facebook" to "trending stories" filter, added hiding "Related Articles" to hide "Sponsored Box/Stories" option, fixed deleted friend alerts being hidden under Timeline cover images, added view deactivated friends list functionality, fixed BA + WL buttons, added hiding "start a plan" button in chat to the hide nagging questions filter option, fixed "hide offline friends" option was hiding "your pages" right column links, fixed clear ad prefs functionality, fixed hiding birthday icon in chat friends list, added hide "Safety Check" and "Watch" left column link options, fixed missing button on Fan Page inboxes when hide nagging questions option was turned on,
// 20.1.3   12thSep2017 Added code for hiding "Businesses for you" in right column to the hide "sponsored box/stories "option, added options for hiding right column boxes "Watchlist" and "Stories", added option to hide "Watch" and "Movies" left column options, added hiding "Featured Topic" posts to the hide "Trending Stories" option, added option to return rounded profile pics back to square, and rounded comment boxes back to rectangular
// 21.0.0   28thOct2017 Updated hide shared a link option (now hides all shared external links), Added "Explore feed" to newsfeed drop down menu, Fixed hiding "Stories" box in right column and "Your Pages" in right column,added hiding "Advertiser sponsored-poll" to hide sponsored box option, fixed hide "Watchlist" option, fixed broken fbp fan page icon, fixed custom reactions for some people, new hide left column link option : "Explore Feed", fixed newsfeed selector menu (hiding options that have been hidden in left column), added hide "link this comment" box to the stop auto tag suggestions option, added "next unread" and "new notification from" popups (That appear under the globe icon) to the hide popup notifications option, excluded fbp from running on facebook.com/business* and /ads/manager*, added reset settings link, fixed show deactivated friends functionality, hide fb menu links if the relevant hide left column link option is turned on, added "Instant Games" to the hide right column link option "game/app requests",  fixed redirect problem for workplace.facebook.com and beta.facebook.com when news sort: most recent option was turned on, new hide options for the "add files" and "start a plan" buttons in chat, new options to hide "coloured background boxes in status update box and hide "products shown:" stories, new option to let you change the f logo at the top left, new option to highlight public posts.
// 22.0.0   10thNov2017 New X button on all posts in newsfeed for quicker hiding, Dont need to be logged in to view Fan Pages, hide events box option also hides "celebrations" in the right column (like marriages, engagements etc), moved (and renamed) "Normalize Colored/Big Font Statuses" to the "colour, font and design" section, moved hide popup notifications option to NEW notifications options section, new sort notifications chronologically option, new notifications background colour option, added option to hide related section on video pages (under hide right column links section)
// 23.0.0   24thDec2017 Fixed chronological notification sort option, fixed custom reactions, fixed 360 photos being blank if background colour was set, fixed square profile pics option, fixed hide "Watchlist" option, altered style of "X" button to make it less intrusive, new StarTrek - Facebook, Facebook - Moustache, Arnold Schwarzenegger,Top Gear, Grrr, "Animated Pokemon" and "Facebooks standard non animated" reactions sets, renamed hide "Find Friends" left column link option to hide "Discover People", new hide left column links option for "Recent ad activity", "Moves" and "Greetings", added "Messenger Kids" to the hide "Messenger" left column link option, added "hide car photo" to built in photo content filters, added hiding the "Did you know" box on your Timeline/Profile page to the "Hide Nagging Questions" option, updated "shared a memory" filter to fix hiding "Year in review" videos, updated "hide your memories" option to fix hiding "your year in review", added "suggested shows" and "Get new episodes in your watchlist" to the hide sponsored box/stories option, fixed show deactivated friends link in deleted friends alert popup, removed all ticker code because facebook axed the ticker, updated transparent newsfeed option to make trending box and status box transparent, updated "hide nagging questions" option to also hide rotating the prompt in the intro section asking you "what makes you happy" etc and also the prompt to add a website link, added hiding the "Gaming Video" and "Live now in popular games" boxes in the right column to the "hide game/app requests" right column link option, added "Places Trending in ..." to the hide "Trending Stories" newsfeed filter option, fixed custom reactions for some people who were having problems, added "Celebrating Friendship" to the hide "became friends" filter, added remove comment bubbles option, fixed reaction images, hides new type of ads labeled as "Paid" instead of "Sponsored", fixed "Zap Comments" function, new option to hide Text Animations
// 23.1.0   17thJan2018 Added option to apply Text Filter to the Trending box (located on the Trending Opts screen), fixed sort notifications chronologically option?, fixed hide all videos option, fixed hiding smileys option
// 23.2.2   20thJan2018 Updated hide sponsored posts code, fixed hide "Greetings" left column link option
// 23.2.3               Updated hide sponsored posts code, New hide right column link option "Saved Links", added an "X" button to hide the "Trending" box, added an "X" button to hide the "Stories" box
// 23.4.0    1stFeb2018 Added hide left column link option "Gaming Videos", fixed hiding "Page Stories You May Like" if hide "sponsored box" option is turned on