FB Purity v9.7.1 Fixes hiding the “similar to” popup and other bugs caused by the new newsfeed design

FB Purity v9.7.1 has been released and fixes some bugs caused by the new newsfeed design.

Facebook are rolling out a new Newsfeed design, which breaks some of FB Purity’s functionality. This new release should fix it. If you don’t yet have the new newsfeed design, you can read about whats changing here: http://bit.ly/1hPQetr

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed hidden “FBP” link in top nav bar
  • Fixed “Sort Feed : Most Recent” function
  • Fixed hiding the “Similar To” popup box that appears when you click “Like” on a post from a “Like Page” / “Fan Page” in the newsfeed, when you have the “hide sponsored box” option ticked
  • Fixed “BA” (block application) and “WL(whitelist application) links hiding the FB dropdown menu.
  • Fixed anomalous fbp news notification when daylight savings time adjustment changes timestamps on the fbp newsfeed.
  • Fixed hide recommended games/games your friends are playing in the right column, if hide “game request links” option is selected
  • Fixed “Wrote on Wall” Filter (again)

Install the updated version of FB Purity via the FB Purity Install Page

If you appreciate all the work that goes into developing and keeping FB Purity going, please show your support by donating. Huge thanks goes out to those who have already donated! :)

If you have any problems or find any bugs with FB Purity, please follow the FB Purity Troubleshooting Guide

Please also follow FB Purity News on Twitter and/or FB Purity News on Google Plus




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FB Purity v9.7.0 Fixes Hide Offline Friends in Chat, Remove Trending Topics & more bugfixes

FB Purity Update - Features various bug fixes including fixing the Hide Trending Topics option

FB Purity v9.7.0 is out now. Clean up and Customize Facebook with the safe, free and top rated browser add-on.

FB Purity v9.7.0 is out now

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed the hide offline friends in chat option. (If you have 9.7.0 installed but dont see this option, clear browser cache, then re-install)
  • Fixed hiding the”Trending Topic/Hashtag” links in the newsfeed above posts by your friends or pages you like, if you have the hide “Trending Topics” option selected
  • Fixed “Wrote on wall” filter
  • Fixed hidden triangle that indicates a “wall post” if the hide emoticons option was selected
  • Fixed right click and middle click on external links in firefox (when fix links option selected)
  • Fixed the Firefox Sync disruption issue and also fixes the code line completion bug in Firebug and the bug with the TreeTab Style Firefox extensions
  • Added the new FB app “Paper” and Nokia app to the default app whitelist

Update to the latest version via the FB Purity Install Page

If you would like to help support the FB Purity project, you can do so by Donating.

You can also help by spreading the word about FB Purity to your friends and colleagues, so they can also benefit from FB Purity’s useful and essential functionality.

Please Note: If you have any problems or questions with/about FB Purity, please read the relevant information on the FB Purity website, including the FB Purity User Guide and the FB Purity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting Guide)



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FB Purity v9.6.0 : Fixes Hide Game & App Posts, Fixes Hide Trending Topics / Trending Hashtags on Facebook

FB Purity v9.6.0 is out now. It fixes the hidden friends in chat bug, game and app post filtering, hide trending hashtags.

Facebook has made a change to their code, which is causing FB Purity‘s “Hide Offline Friends” in chat option to hide all friends in the chat box whether they are online or not.

This new release fixes that by removing the option completely, because its not currently possible to fix this functionality. If I can figure out how to fix it, I will add it back in a later release.

Summary of Changes in v9.6.0

  • Fixed: All friends hidden in chat if “Hide Offline Friends” option was ticked
  • Fixed: Game and application post filtering including “Games You May Like” posts
  • Fixed: Hide “Trending Topics” option for trending hashtag posts in newsfeed
  • Fixed: Ads were hidden even when “hide sponsored box” option was not ticked
  • Fixed: Program update check for Firefox
  • Fixed: FBP News update check for Safari

As always you can update to the latest version of FBP by installing via the

Install FB Purity page

If you have any problems with or questions about FB Purity, please visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you appreciate all the work that goes into keeping FB Purity up and running, please show your support by Donating

Please also help spread the word about FB Purity, by giving it 5* reviews on the official extension sites, and telling your friends about FBP too,



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FB Purity v9.5.3 – Disable Autoplay Videos – Hide Trending Topics – Full Screen Chat – Show Animated Gifs

FB Purity v9.5.3 is out now.

New Features:

* Full Screen Chat – Open all chat messages in Full Screen Message window (also known as the Inbox). This option is located under the “Chat Options” section of the FB Purity settings screen. The separate hide “Chat Box” option now also hides the mini chat windows along the bottom of the screen.

* Show Animated Gifs – The “Show Animated Gifs”  option should now work on all areas of the site, not just on the newsfeed. So it should work in messages / timelines / groups etc.  New Hide Gif, Share Gif and Email Gif links are displayed beneath Animated Gifs. The share and email options lets you share Gifs, and let you optionally add a little message telling the person that you are sharing with that they can use FB Purity to view the animations on Facebook. .

* FBP News Notifications – An FBP News Notification counter will appear beneath the FBP link in the top nav bar with a count of the new news items when there are new posts on the FBP fan page. N.B. These notifications can be turned off on the FBP options screen. The option is just above the news section of the options screen.

* New Hide Left Column Links options for “Welcome”, “Notes” and “Links”, “F.B. Purity News”

* Maxthon Compatibliity – There is now a version of the FB Purity browser extension for the Maxthon browser.

Whats Fixed?

  • Fixed: The “Disable Autoplay” videos option should now work on all areas of the site, not just on the newsfeed. So it should work in chat / messages / timelines / groups etc
  • Fixed: “Fix External Links” aka “Disable Facebook’s External Link Redirection and tracking” functionality for links in comments and messages etc.
  • Fixed: Compatibility for older versions of Chrome
  • Fixed: “Wrote on Wall” Filter. Hides peoples comments posted to others timelines, pages, events and groups timelines.
  • Fixed: Some items were hidden on events pages when the “Background Colour” option was set, this is fixed now.
  • Fixed: Changed hide left column link option name from “App Center / Games” to just “Games
  • Fixed: Changed the title of Hide “Trending Topics / Hashtags” to just Hide “Trending Topics

Install FB Purity via http://install.fbpurity.com to update to the latest version.

If you have any problems with FB Purity please visit the FBP FAQ page and follow the Troubleshooting Guide as that will most likely solve your problem or answer your question.

Donations help keep the FB Purity project alive, please show your support: http://donate.fbpurity.com



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Remove Trending Topics on Facebook with FB Purity a How to Guide

How to remove the Trending Topics box on Facebook

For people who are not interested in what random celebrities are up to, and want to get rid of it. Theres a huge number of Facebook users who are protesting about this annoying extra clutter and just want it gone.

FB Purity to the Rescue!

The safe, top rated and best of all free! FB Purity browser extension has a built in option for hiding / removing Facebook’s Trending Topics box. Below is the simple instructions guide for removing it.

Hide Trending Box on Facebook with F.B. Purity

FB Purity lets you easily clean up and Customize Facebook. These are the simple instructions for how to remove the Trending Topics box on Facebook.

FB Purity also has many other useful options for dialling down Facebook’s obnoxiousness. For example Disable Autoplay Videos, Full Screen Chat (Open all Chat messages in the Full Screen Messaging Window, Display Animated Gifs on Facebook, Block all Game Posts, Newsfeed Filtering on Story Type and Keyword / Phrase filtering, plus many more! Check the FBP Features List or the FBP User Guide. If you have any problems or find any bugs in FB Purity, please check out the FB Purity Troubleshooting Guide. Cheers, Steve

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Happy New Year! FB Purity Update v9.4.0 – Features: Full Date+Time on Posts Option, New Timeline Options, Plus More

FB Purity wishes you a very happy new year!

Happy New Year From FB Purity!

FB Purity the Facebook Filter that lets you Customize Facebook the way you want it

Get FB Purity and make using Facebook more fun and less of a chore

F.B. Purity Beta v9.4.0 – 31st December 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’ve been hard at work on a new version of FB Purity v9.4.0, which has some bug fixes and new features, see below for the full details:

Changes Summary:

  • New: Option to show full date/time stamps below posts
  • New: Added hide “List Suggestions” option to “Hide Right Column Links” options
  • New: Hide “People You May Know” box option
  • New: Timeline Section on options screen, featuring “hide likes boxes”,”hide games + apps”,”hide invite friends”, “hide the nagging questions”
  • New: Added a “F.B. Purity News” link to the left hand column, for easier access to the FBP Fan page. (I didnt have time to add a hide option for this, but you can hide it with Custom CSS if you really dont like it, though i would urge you not to hide it, as I will be making it an active link to show when the FBP Fan page has new posts. As at present news from the FBP fan page only gets seen by less that 10% of the total number of fans of the page due to Facebooks restrictions)
  • Fixed: Display glitch with the disable autoplay video functionality when opening video in “theater” mode
  • Fixed: Restore Comment Button functionality (also fixed attach image when restore comment button option is enabled)
  • Fixed: The FBP info bar not showing on some friends/interests list pages
  • Changed: Moved the chat options to a separate section of the options screen.

* Current Known Issues *

  • When using the “R” key to re-sort the newsfeed, it sometimes shows duplicate stories in the feed. However, if you press the “R” key again, it will remove the duplicates.

Get the updated version of FB Purity from the FB Purity website

If you appreciate the work I put into FB Purity, please support FB Purity by donating

Please also tell all your friends about FB Purity too, I’m sure they would enjoy a clean and customized Facebook experience too! :)

Wishing you all the Best for the New Year,



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FB Purity v9.3.2 – Disable AutoPlay Videos on Facebook – Improved Deleted Friend Alerts – Enable Animated Gifs

Disable Autoplay Videos on Facebook with FB Purity

Disable Autoplay Videos on Facebook with FB Purity

F.B. Purity v9.3.2 – Featuring: Disable AutoPlay Videos on Facebook

So 2013 is coming to a close, since 2009 through to the present day, FB Purity has consistently brought out new features to disable / disarm Facebook’s most annoying user interface “features” that the Facebook users actually hate, and let you customize Facebook to your own liking and not that of Facebook, who want to dictate to you what you can and cant see when you visit the site.

Keeping up with Facebooks changes, is a hell of a lot of work. After all they have hundreds of programmers working on making the site a nightmare for you all, and theres only one of me trying to fix the sites problems.

Facebook are continuing to try and disrupt the ability to share the link to the FBPurity.com site, and are even ridiculously claiming that the site is “malicious”, which is obviously a bare faced lie, as all the antivirus and safety scanners will clearly inform you. See the Gallery of Safety Scanner Test Results if you want more proof. If you want to protest Facebook’s lies  voice your disapproval of Facebooks deceitful actions here

I’ve been hard at work on getting the latest release up and running and it includes the ability to disable Facebook’s autoplaying videos in the newsfeed. Full Release notes below:

Changes Summary for FB Purity v9.3.2:

  • New: Disable Autoplay Videos Option. This option is under the “Video StoriesNewsfeed Filters section of the FBP options screen.
  • New: Improved the Deleted Friend Alerts. The alerts now feature the profile pic and profile link of the deleted friends.
FB Purity shows Deleted Friends Alerts  when your friends unfriend you facebook.

FB Purity informs you when any of your friends delete / unfriend you from their friends list

  • New: Filter the stories in the news ticker. This option applies your existing newsfeed filters to the news ticker too (the scrolling list of stories in the right hand column).
  • New: Option to allow the display of animated Gifs in the newsfeed. If a link to an animated gif is posted to the newsfeed, FBP will convert it to an animated gif if you have the display animated gifs option turned on.
  • Updated: Rearranged the options screen a bit to fit the new options in.
  • Fixed: Hide “Wrote on Wall” option
  • Fixed: hidden “triangle” icon that signifies “wrote on wall”, when the hide smileys option is enabled
  • Fixed: lots of issues with the Safari extension. (Friends whitelist, Deleted Friend Alerts and Auto Update Notifications should all work in Safari now).  BTW I still don’t have access to Safari 7, so still cant fix any Safari 7 issues unfortunately.

* Current Known Issues *

  • If you have the “Restore Comment Button” option turned on, sometimes when you click the edit link on a comment, the comment ocasionally disappears. Dont worry the comment is not deleted, you just need to press the “Esc” key a couple of times to exit editing mode, then click the edit button again, and it should work ok the second time, not sure what is causing this yet.
  • When using the “R” key to re-sort the newsfeed into Chronological order, it will occasionally show duplicate stories in the feed, though if you press “R” again, it will remove the duplicates.
  • The “Filter stories in news ticker” option currently only works when you are on the newsfeed page.

Download and install the updated version of FB Purity via the FB Purity website

To make sure you get the latest news about FB Purity, please Subscribe to FB Purity News via Email

You can also follow FB Purity news via FacebookTwitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest

If you appreciate all the work I do on FB Purity, please Donate

A big thanks to all those who have donated!

Happy Holidays, and Best Wishes for the New Year! :)


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Join the Protest Against Facebook – Unblock FB Purity!

Help protest against Facebook and Get FB Purity Unblocked

Join the Protest against Facebook’s Lies. Free FB Purity for the people!

Join the protest against Facebook. Lets get FB Purity unblocked on Facebook

You may have heard that Facebook is introducing AutoPlay videos in the newsfeed, and  soon after that will come the AutoPlay video ads.

I’ve been working on getting a fix for F.B. Purity that will allow you to disable the autoplay videos/ads in your newsfeed. To check out how far I have got visit the FB Purity Beta Testing page, and try the latest version of FBP.

Its hard to get the word out about it when Facebook is blocking all links to the FB Purity website, and spreading lies that FB Purity is unsafe even though there is comprehensive proof that the FB Purity site and software are completely safe.

Lets all join together and get Facebook to listen to us for a change: Join the protest against Facebook Lets get FB Purity unblocked!

Let Facebook know that We dont want autoplay videos, We dont want spam We dont want junk, We want FB Purity!

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FB Purity v9.2.1 – Fixes Hide Facebook Bubble Chat Option – New Hide Liked “This” Option + More

FB Purity v9.2.1 Adds a Remove Facebook Bubble Chat Option

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed: Hide “Bubble Chat” option
  • FB Purity lets you remove Balloon / Bubble Chat on Facebook on your computer

    Get Rid of Bubble Chat on Facebook with FB Purity

  • Fixed: Hide “Shared Link” filter
  • Fixed: Hide “Wrote on Wall” filter
  • Fixed: Hide “All Photos” filter
  • Added: Hide “Liked This” filter to the “Various Story Types” section of the Newsfeed Filters
  • Added an “FBP” button to the top nav bar, clicking it toggles the FBP options screen on or off, so you can now access it from any page on Facebook. (N.B. If you dont like this button you can change its colour or even hide it with Custom CSS)
  • The “TL” (Single Column Timeline) Button will now only show up in the top nav bar on “Fan/Like Pages”
  • Added a check on the font and background colour options, that alerts the user if they try and set the font colour and background colour to the same value.
  • Added “Facebook for Android” and “Facebook for IPhone” to the list of hideable links in the “hide links in left column” section

If you have any problems with FB Purity, please visit the FBP FAQ page, and work through the Troubleshooting Section, as it will almost certainly solve your problem, and if it doesn’t it explains what to do next.

Install the latest version of FB Purity via the FB Purity website

If you appreciate the work I put into this, please help support me by making a donation

Facebook are limiting the number of people who get to see updates from the FBP fan page on Facebook, so to make sure you get the latest news of FB Purity updates, please subscribe to the FBP News Maling List (the subscribe box) is in the left column of this post.

You can also follow FB Purity news via Twitter and Google Plus

Please also tell your friends about the benefits of FB Purity, lets help our mates enjoy a cleaned up customized Facebook too.




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Remove Facebook Bubble Chat with F.B. Purity v9.1.0

The latest release of F.B. Purity (v9.1.0) Lets you revert Bubble Chat back to the old Style Chat

If you don’t like Facebook’s new “Bubble Chat” chat interface, I’ve added an option to allow you to revert back to the old style chat system. You can access it via the FB Purity options screen (see screenshots below).

Change Facebook Bubble Chat Back to old style FB chat with F.B. Purity

FB Purity v9.1.0 adds an option for reverting Bubble Chat back to the old style Facebook Chat.

Lots of people are asking ‘How do i remove Bubble Chat’ / ‘How to get rid of Bubble Chat’. FB Purity is the answer!

FB Purity gives you the ability to get rid of Bubble Chat

F.B. Purity v9.1.0 has a new option to let you switch off the Bubble Chat interface

I’ve also added an option that lets you “replay” a deleted friend alert, if you accidentally dismiss it without reading it. Just press the “F” key shortly after you see the alert, and it will re-display it, so you can read it again.

For more information on the full list of options and capabilities available to you with FB Purity, see the FB Purity Features Page

As always you can get the latest version of F.B. Purity directly from the F.B. Purity website

If you appreciate all the work that goes into F.B. Purity and would like to see its deveopment continued, please show your support by donating

Let your friends know about FB Purity too, spread the word, tell others out who you think would appreciate the benefits of this extension.



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